Rural Health Nursing Research Review: Global Perspectives by ProQuest


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									Chapter 10
         rural Health Nursing
         research review:
         Global Perspectives
         Doris S. Greiner, Doris F. Glick, Pamela A. Kulbok,
         and Emma McKim Mitchell


 The CINAHL and MedLINe databases were used to conduct a review of interna-
 tional rural nursing research published between 2003 and 2007. In total, 41 articles
 were reviewed and organized based on the United Nations Human development Index,
 which categorizes countries based on development status. Critical review of interna-
 tional rural nursing research yielded three major organizational themes: clinical issues,
 aspects of nursing practice, and nursing and health policy research. despite the variety in
 international locale of the research, these themes and other common findings emerged.
 The need for increased access to specialized nursing knowledge, resources, and support
 is an ongoing issue facing nurses in rural and remote settings.

 Keywords: review of nursing research; rural health; review of literature;
 international r
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