Peer Group Influence and Selection in Adolescents' School Burnout: A Longitudinal Study by ProQuest


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           M E R R I L L -P A L M E R Q U A R T E R LY, V O L . 54, N O . 1

           Peer Group Influence and Selection
           in Adolescents’ School Burnout
           A Longitudinal Study
           Noona Kiuru, Kaisa Aunola, Jari-Erik Nurmi, Esko Leskinen, and Katariina
           Salmela-Aro, University of Jyväskylä

                 The present study investigated the extent to which peer group similarity in school
                 burnout is due to peer group influence and the extent to which it is due to peer
                 group selection. Moreover, the roles of academic achievement and gender in
                 school burnout were examined. A total of 611 ninth graders were examined at
                 the beginning of the final term of comprehensive school, and 614 were exam-
                 ined at the end of the final term. The results of the Multilevel Latent Growth Mod-
                 eling showed that peer group influence was responsible for peer group similarity,
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