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Pearl Beer describes Wayne, a delivery truck driver for a beer distributor, as its central character. The company calls Wayne an outside salesperson. Wayne calls himself a truck driver. This dichotomy is the central theme of the case, which should be approached as an exercise in organizational behavior and employee motivation. Through Wayne's experiences students get an inside look at the organization and operation of the company, and a first hand view of the problems faced by management. The manager, Jan Williamson, has a big problem. Relentless competition and the day-to-day battle for the minds of the company's employees are paramount. How can she capture the imagination of her employees and gain their spirited contribution to the efficient marketing of the company's products? How can she compete, and yet retain her integrity? How can we be competitive, and yet hold up our end of the bargain a company has with its employees and society? These are the questions raised by the case. Pearl Beer reflects the reality that in business one never has enough time, resources or information upon which sound decisions may be based. Yet, management must analyze, develop plans and strategies and act. Students should prepare an analysis of what is wrong at the company, and develop a plan for what to do about it. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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