Leo Tolstoy on the state: A detailed picture of Tolstoy's denunciation of state violence and deception by ProQuest


Leo Tolstoy's peculiar religious and political thought has been discussed in numerous studies, yet few of these address a core anarchist concern: his criticisms of the state. Tolstoy denounces not just war but also law and the economy as violent and enslaving, all under the ruthless mechanical supervision of the state machine. Moreover, for him, state authorities are deliberately and hypocritically deceiving the masses, promoting a system that destroys any sense of responsibility, and keeping people hypnotised by regularly whipping up patriotic sentiments - the army being the best example of the strength of all this deceit. Not only is Tolstoy's denunciation of the state as violent and deceptive eloquently written, but much of it has not lost relevance since he first wrote it more than a century ago. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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