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Kentucky's Economic Outlook for 2008


The economic outlook presented in this paper is for the three-quarter period from January to September 2008. In terms of fiscal years this period is the second half of FY 2008 and the first quarter of FY 2009. The economic outlook is identical to the one the Consensus Forecasting Group used in arriving at their forecast this month. The dominance of the goods-producing sector in the state economy is expected to be responsible for slow growth in Kentucky. During the final two quarters of FY 2008 personal income is estimated to increase by 4.1% compared to a 4.3% increase nationally. Income from wages and salaries is expected to grow even slower due to the poor outlook for the traditionally high-wage manufacturing sector. Employment in goods-producing industries has declined dramatically in Kentucky in response to productivity gains and the shift of some manufacturing facilities abroad. Service-providing industries are forecasted to do better during the second half of FY 2008 with an addition of 7,700 jobs.

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