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Celebrating 35 Years of Svea


Apart from enjoying Swedish traditions like Lucia and Valborg, having dinners and inviting exciting Speakers, the ladies of Svea were also the ones who jumpstarted the children's activities at the Swedish Church in New York (something many Swedish parents are thankful for), and they also Sponsor the annual Christmas Crafts for the little ones at Scandinavia House. Nordic Reach met with six of Svea's members over a glass of white wine on a sunny early summer afternoon.Why did you start [Svea]? When I started Svea 35 years ago, it was to gather Swedish women who lived permanently in New York. I had married an American man, and I felt that 'OK, I will remain for the rest of my life in America' and that thought was a bit worrisome to me. I think it's especially important for women who are married to American men and whose children, in a way, will become American. So Svea was created as a group to keep the Swedish language and traditions alive, to support each other. We've meant a lot to each other throughout the years; Svea has filled an important function.What does Svea mean to you? A group of nice Swedish women who have grown up together, shared joys and sorrows. There have been deaths and divorces, children who've gotten married and grandchildren being born. A lot has happened. We've also inadvertently created a network and often help each other professionally. I know I can rely on my Svea friends.

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