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THE ENGINEER STAFF PENTATHLETE: Staff Leadership and Dimensions for Success in a Transforming World


The G3 section had the following sections (each headed by a lieutenant colonel, a major, or a senior civilian): * Operations * Training * Mobilization and Readiness * Force Management * Emergency Operations Center * Budget and Funds Management In the past 24 months, the 412th experienced one of its most intense time periods-a veritable "perfect storm" of major operations, including the Army Reserve command and control (ARC2) transformation with an end state of three subordinate brigades, located in an area that spans the tip of Maine to the tip of Florida and all the way westward to the Mississippi River. The last "front" of the perfect storm was support to the War on Terrorism, in which the 412th ENCOM mobilized not only multiple rotations of staff to support the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Gulf Region Division, but it also included a major mobilization of a subordinate battalion that was fast-tracked through transformation while at the mobilization station.

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									The engineer STaff PenTaThleTe:
Staff Leadership and Dimensions
for Success in a Transforming World
By Lieutenant Colonel Adam S. Roth

         s I returned from the United States Army Engineer
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