; After Annapolis-Middle East Peace?
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After Annapolis-Middle East Peace?


An international fund to provide compensation to Palestinians and to assist in resettling Palestinian refugees inside the borders of the new Palestinian state, and to provide compensation for Jewish Israelis who fled from persecution in Arab lands, and to resettle Israeli settlers within the pre-1967 borders of Israel (while allowing Israelis who remain within the territory of Palestine to do so, conditional on their willingness to become citizens of the Palestinian state, live in accordance with its laws, vote only in its elections, and renounce any claim for Israeli intervention or adjudication of their situation,which will be governed by the courts of Palestine). The creation of institutions in both countries designed to foster mutual understanding and an open-hearted reconciliation between both countries, including but not limited to: a. the elimination of the teaching of hatred and stereotyping in the media, religious communities, and educational systems of each side; b. support for educational and social practices aimed at building trust and cooperation between the two peoples, including the learning of the other's language and history; c. public and private acts of repentance and atonement for past violations of human rights, including the creation and intense publicizing in both the countries and in their respective diaspora communities of a Truth and Reconciliation process modeled on South Africa's, but shaped to the specific cultural and religious realities of the Middle East.

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