; Strategies for Minimizing Litigation Risks, Costs
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Strategies for Minimizing Litigation Risks, Costs


With the maturity of e-mail and its foreseeable use for litigation, the e-mail software packages, e-mail management tools, and e-mail archiving solutions on the market today should by now be capable of being responsive not only to the demands of business use, but also to litigation and discovery demands, which should reduce its difficulty and costs. Changes to the US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and promulgation of The Sedona Principles: Best Practices Recommendations & Principles for Addressing Electronic Document Production are both intended to address the difficulties and costs of electronic discovery. Once an e-mail is identified as a record, duties arise around it. If the organization has a records retention schedule, which will reflect the legal and business requirements for which and for how long records should be retained, e-mail is subject to it. Like other documents and records, e-mail is subject to the principles and rules of records and information management and to law and legal doctrine.

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