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In an interview, Dipak Jain, dean of Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in America, talked about business school governance, the future of the MBA, demographics and staying on top of the rankings. He said that all business schools have three missions: knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and knowledge certification. Knowledge creation is achieved through research; knowledge dissemination through teaching; and knowledge certification through the bestowing of degrees. Kellogg focuses on producing responsible global leaders. They regard the MBA not just as a business degree but as a way to promote leadership within students, providing them with the knowledge and resources to give back to the world. As such, they want students to leave Kellogg with strong technical skills and a holistic understanding of business that can be applied across many fields and functions. To remain at the top, an organization cannot be complacent. Instead, it must demonstrate continuous innovation and progress. Kellogg will remain on the world stage -- especially as they continue to innovate by becoming a center for collaborative research and learning.

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