Truth commission 'needs to' hear from churches by ProQuest


A selection panel represented by former students, churches and government has already submitted a shortlist for the position of commission chairperson and two members to the prime minister's office and an announcement is likely to be made soon, he said. He said that he was also "hopeful" that the apology to former students, which Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised in a speech from the throne last October, would be issued before the commission is launched; otherwise "a lot of what we will be hearing is, 'why hasn't it apologized' and then government will be forced to apologize."Mr. [Daniel Ish] said that although the Independent Assessment Process is a complicated procedure, it was nonetheless a "kinder, gentler" alternative to going to court. "The court is a blood sport. It is an adversarial process that is numbing even for the most thick-skinned. Older, vulnerable people won't stand up to the court process," he said, adding that it is also lengthier.Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate (national archbishop) of the Anglican Church of Canada, attended-the three-day gathering saying he was there "to listen, to learn and hopefully respond with courage," to the "truth-telling" that will happen when the commission is implemented.

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