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saying it isn't so how documentation can decrease denials by ProQuest


Communication event management systems provide a new approach to centralizing the content of these communication events, which are conducted through multiple mediums, by multiple parties, and in multiple locations across every healthcare organization. When captured and centralized, these records become a valuable resource for denials prevention, litigation protection, workflow enhancement, and quality improvement, among other initiatives. When working with payers, the hospital uses the communication event management system as an objective source of data to ensure accurate reimbursement. In the precertification department, for example, employees use the system to record all calls to payers for admission notifications and provide clinical information for authorization requests. A communication event management system can produce significant financial gains by providing records to back up billing for all care provided. The fallout goes far beyond reduced denials. Added benefits include improved workflow efficiency, increased accountability, and enhanced quality at each step of the revenue cycle.

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