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The method comprises agitating a mixture consisting of a natural vegetable fatty acid, lecithin, alkanolamide, and an organic solvent such as higher alcohol or polyhydric alcohol, saponifying the mixture to form microscopic detergent particles moving according to Brownian movement, and controlling the resulting detergent in terms of moisture and pH to allow the resulting detergent to be in a neutral or alkaline state. Transesterification and esterification of fatty acids and triglycerides by dispersion and dispersion method for the production of fatty acid methylesters Gapes, R., and Baumgartner, H., 7/24/2007, US7247739B2 The invention relates to a method for the basic or acidic catalyzed esterification and transesterification of fatty acids, such as oils and fats, by dispersion of low alcohols, especially methyl alcohol, in the liquidic initial product.

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