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when should you choose P2P?


The demand for rich media delivered via the Internet is exploding as online content quality improves and content gets longer and reaches ever wider audiences. To meet this growing demand, many new solutions for content delivery are coming to market, with an ever-growing number of innovative new solutions, such as peer-to-peer (P2P) and hybrid content delivery networks (CDNs) being offered alongside traditional CDNs. In the traditional CDN model, the intelligence and capacity of the systems is centralized and located in a core set of servers, while clients are simply dumb consumers in the delivery process. Peer-based systems work best when a large number of peers are available to exchange the content being accelerated. Peer-based solutions typically access content from the CDN elements the same way the browser does, using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. When evaluating a hybrid CDN solution, one key consideration is the underlying CDN architecture itself.

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