; internet TV platforms come of age
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internet TV platforms come of age


As the year 2007 ends, it's time to reflect on the forces that shaped the Internet television industry during the last year and the trends that will define it in 2008. Internet video surged into the mainstream in 2006 with the explosive growth of consumer video-sharing sites. The deep investment in online video publishing and distribution by media companies in 2007 brought a new category of online services into the limelight: Internet television platforms. Internet television platforms give media owners the ability to control how video is published on their own sites and syndicated across the Internet. The year 2007 was the Year of the Platform. So walking into 2008, Internet video market divided into two major groups: aggregators and platforms. As video content owners and Web site publishers walk into 2008, the industry expect several major trends will shape their strategies in the Internet video market.

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