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With all the advances in learning and education in the last 100 years, the lecture still reigns supreme. And if your job is elearning, whether in higher education or in the enterprise, odds are that you're going to have to record some lectures. So if you're to record presentations for Internet delivery, you owe it to the presenter and the viewers to retain the quality of the experience -- audio, video, visuals, and all, synchronized together into a single multimedia package in your browser. Sonic Foundry Mediasite focuses on pretty much all the verticals in the online media industry, including education, enterprise, healthcare, and government. Echo360 is almost entirely focused on the education vertical, racking up an impressive resume of universities and colleges as its clients. Tegrity's Campus 2.0 is a software-based product that differentiates itself from PresenterPro by being Java-based, which simplifies its installation.

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