Reflective Leadership 33rd Annual Conference by ProQuest


The following sessions will be offered at the conference: * Decision Support Within an Electronic Medical Record. * Immunization Update. * Telehealth Nursing Practice (TNP) Special Interest Group Meeting. * Interstate Practice and Scope Issues. * Telehealth Nursing Practice Standards Workshop. * Recognition of Life-Threatening Emergencies Over the Phone. * Using AAACN Standards to Develop a Model of Service Excellence. * Innovations in Staff Retention in a Large Telehealth Call Center. * Essential Components of Telephone Nursing Model. Topics include: * Ambulatory care nursing in the digital age - understanding and using today's technology. * Ethics and mentoring - Approaches to resolving conflict in clinical situations. * Immunization updates - Review of recommendations for new and old vaccines. * Health in the workplace - Improving employee health and wellness. * Pediatric obesity and type 2 diabetes - The disease, its comorbidities, and treatments. * Research in ambulatory care nursing - Implementing research findings and evidence-based practice.

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