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Composting Infrastructure Trends In The UK


The EU's Landfill Directive, which restricts landfilling of biodegradable waste, has made it necessary to develop alternative infrastructures to manage the organic fraction of the solid waste stream. In the UK, the Landfill Directive has created demand for composting facilities that take source separated organics, and for anaerobic digestion. At the moment, they're seeing a complementary infrastructure development of composting and anaerobic digestion, as well as Mechanical Biological Treatment, says Jane Gilbert, CEO of The Composting Association (TCA), in the UK. TCA's mission is to promote the sustainable management of biodegradable resources. Some of the primary obstacles Gilbert sees to the growth of composting in England revolve around the circumstances of living on a small island. TCA is also working with the Environment Agency and WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) on a compost certification scheme, to establish criteria for compost that isn't subject to regulation.

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