; The Scale of Networks?: Local Climate Change Coalitions
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The Scale of Networks?: Local Climate Change Coalitions


The fourth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change expressed an overwhelming scientific consensus that anthropogenic climate change is a serious problem.1 The US Supreme Court not only addressed climate change for the first time, but also found that the US Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") had abused its discretion in denying a petition asking it to regulate motor vehicle emissions.2 The UN security Council also took an initial look at climate change, with a ranging debate over its security implications.3 Amid that furor, it is perhaps unsurprising that another important moment in climate regulation slipped by without nearly so much public attention. [...] after over a decade of concentrated effort on reducing greenhouse gas emissions that has resulted in a 12.5 percent decline in per capita emissions, Portland's emissions were still above 1990 levels.10 A growing scholarly and public policy dialogue examines these tensions and the role of localities in climate change regulation.

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