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Striving for DIVERSITY in ADR & Why it Matters: An Interview with the Hon. Timothy K. Lewis


In an interview, the Hon Timothy K. Lewis, chairman of the AAA's Diversity Committee, talked about his interest in diversity in the decision making professions. Lewis' interest in diversity directly flows from my life experience as an African-American growing up during the civil rights era and the postcivil rights era, when women and people of color were finally seeing some opportunities open up in the private sector. Over a period of time, doors were opened, but they were opened slowly and often after they were opened, they were quickly closed. On whether there was any significant difference in the decision making as a result of diverse hiring, Lewis said there's no difference. But in terms of the discussion and the nuances and the recognition of issues and so forth that go into the process of forming a decision, an informed judgment in that arena, there is no question but that the diverse backgrounds of the people with whom he surrounded himself and the court made a difference.

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Striving for
                                  in ADR
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20                                   FEBRUARY/APRIL 2008
&        Why it
                   An Interview with the Hon. Timothy K. Lewis

The chairman of the AAA’s Diversity Committee
speaks candidly about his interest 
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