Please send letters to be considered for publication to or by postal mail or fax, marked "Attn: Letter to the Editor" (our address is on page 3). Letters should include the author's contact information and mailing address, tetters are edited for length, style and adherence to editorial guidelines.In the Nov. 12,2007, issue, Tim Miller Dyck's "Business as a calling" editorial on page 2 talks about how Christians in the business world should be examples in an industry plagued with "high profile moral failings."As Christians, we should see everything we do as a calling. We need to ask ourselves whom are we working for and to what end. Working in the business world should not be about calling corporations to good accounting so that already very comfortable North Americans will not lose their very comfortable pension plans. It should be about calling corporations to being responsible in what they produce and how they produce it. Ironically, though, this might mean that these companies' stocks are worthless-destroying the middle class shareholders' investment or retirement savings-but they will be destroyed this time not by a "moral failing," but instead by a moral success.

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