Denise Attaway Yates by ProQuest


She led me into her kitchen and we sat drinking raspberry iced tea at her glass breakfast table. "I found a box full of pageant photos and memorabilia in the basement just recently," she started, "and I realized that being in beauty pageants has been a huge history of my life."On a side table in the bedroom, sits a glass case with wood trim. "I saw this in a store when I was preparing for the Mrs. Kentucky pageant I thought 'If I win, I will come back and buy it. It will be a great box for the crown.' Then I thought That is not a very positive attitude. I will buy it now and win the crown.'" She did and she did. But there is more to the pageantry of pageants than swimsuits and acrylic high heels. "It's more than just being pretty," [Denise Attaway Yates] says. "The judges want to see that you are an organized wife and mom and are active in your community."Denise has also been involved with the local Miss America Program as judge and director of feeder programs Miss Jeffersontown, Miss Louisville, and Miss Jefferson County. To help her prepare for the Mrs. Kentucky and Mrs. America pageant, Denise sought out the professionals. She worked with professional trainer, Angela Carter. Californian Justin Rudd helped her rehearse responses to the interview questions, she listened to motivational tapes, and had a session with hypnotist Jim Wilson, M.A. "I am serious about my game," Denise says. "Jim helped me get in the right state of mind of confidence, a winning attitude, being articulate and well spoken, and to overcome my idea that tall women win."

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