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Going beyond SSB


Current market conditions in the paper industry are forcing paper-makers to continually look for improvements in both sheet quality and machine efficiency, and these objectives often tie in directly with paper machine clothing. Improved uptime, reduced wet end breaks and higher couch solids resulting in reduced draws are a few of the benefits papermakers are realizing with the latest in forming fabric technology. The recent development of the warp exchange binding technology, patented by Voith Paper Fabrics, combines a fine papermaking surface needed for sheet properties and retention with a wear surface durable enough to meet demanding paper machine applications. The triple-layer warp exchange design has fabric calipers as much as 15% lower than conventional sheet-supporting binder triple-layer designs. The warp exchange allows for a broad range of application flexibility. An integrated approach to aligning the individual clothing elements with the requirements of the respective paper machine causes the potential for optimization to spiral upwards.

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