Students teach prof the value of serving Jesus by ProQuest


At the end of last September, John Peters, a retired Wilfrid Laurier University professor from Waterloo, Ont, flew to Ethiopia to teach at Meserete Kristos College in Ethiopia for three weeks, his second trip in two years. The day before he left, a fellow church member from Waterloo North Mennonite Church came by, prayed with him and then gave him some money, saying "Use this in whatever way you wish, for those in need at the college." The story of how he stewarded the money follows.I gave 500 burr (about $58) to Getschew (not his real name) with a note in an envelope, stating, "From the Christian church in Canada? Two days later, with a huge smile on his face, he asked whether I had time to talk. He pleaded with me to tell him specifically how I had heard the voice of God telling me to give him this gift. He told me that after becoming ill last summer, his medical care and hospitalization bill stood at a staggering 3,000 burr. His church gave him 100 burr, his family the same amount. He told me that the remaining debt was so heavy that just three days earlier he had walked out to the grassy area of the college compound, threw himself on the ground and literally cried to God for help.

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