; Sainthood & sports: Mutually beneficial or at odds?
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Sainthood & sports: Mutually beneficial or at odds?


Steve Wiebe, a Calgary high school basketball coach and member of Foothills Mennonite, understands the difficulty athletes face. "You get kicked off a team if you miss practices," he says. "You don't get kicked out of the church for not coming.""Over time you can see a shift that is taking place when it comes to when events are being planned," says Jarrod Chamberlin, pastor of Elim Mennonite Church in Grunthal, Man. "Some time ago, you wouldn't have games or tournaments being planned on Sundays out of respect for the importance of worshipping together. That, over time, has changed. Priorities . . . have shifted."Laura Duncan, a former University of Regina volleyball player (pictured in action on page 4), is clear about what she gained through sport: "Keeping in shape, learning teamwork, meeting new people, travel, learning to manage time, and learning coping skills under stressful situations." Duncan is candid about how high-level competition-combined with science studies-affected her church life. "To be honest, I didn't go to church all last year because of travelling on Sundays or playing on Sundays," she says. "Then when we played at home usually I just didn't put the effort in going to church, rather than catching up on sleep or homework."

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