Hey, Bob-Bob, Will You Buy Me Robosaurus? by ProQuest


When I write my book about the things that car guys (and gals) should do in their Uves, going to the BarrettJackson auction will be one of them (along with going to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, touring the Barber Motorcycle Museum in Alabama, and several other things, which I'll discuss in a future column). The kids know that I'm a fairly soft touch, but you can imagine my surprise when they were watching the BarrettJackson auction with me the other day and one of them saw that Robosaurus was for sale and looked at me and said, "Hey, Bob-Bob, will you buy me Robosaurus?" Say what? I tried to tell him that he really didn't have room for it in the garage - heck, it might eat the garage - and that I didn't think Mom would appreciate it if I bought it for him.

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