Political Pitfalls For Presidents by ProQuest


For example: * Southern University System President Ralph Slaughter was suspended for two months after he acted as a "whistle-blower," saying the system's board of trustees tried to cover up sexual harassment allegations against then-board Chairman Johnny Anderson, who was also assistant chief of staff for then-Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco (see Diverse, May 7,2007). * At the behest of the Georgia Board of Regents and University System of Georgia Chancellor Errali Davis, Dr. Carlton Brown unexpectedly resigned from the presidency at Savannah State University in fall 2006. [...] with state budgets getting tighter and tighter, making sure that HBCUs - whose missions are more under scrutiny than those at the traditionally White institutions that take up the bulk of state higher education funds - get their fair share is the tougher part, says Dr. Jim Renick, senior vice president for programs and research at the American Council on Education in Washington and former chancellor of North Carolina A&T State University.

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