; Let's Closely Examine McCain's Record
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Let's Closely Examine McCain's Record


Judges and Gang of 14 A key issue for conservatives every presidential election is the nomination of strict constructionist judges to serve on the Supreme Court.\n The RPC reported that the bill could bike health insurance costs by "as much as 31% over two years" and that "nearly half of employers" said they "would drop employee health coverage if Congress passes legislation exposing them to increased liability." McCain also voted to kill: an amendment (S Arndt. 846) requiring union-negotiated heaUhcare plans to be subject to the bill just as all other private group healthcare plans would have been; an amendment (S Amdt. 848) protecting from liability doctors who provide pro bono medical services to someone who did not have healthcare coverage or was unable to pay for the healthcare services provided; an amendment (S Amdt. 821) protecting from lawsuits small businesses (two to 15 employees) that offer employee health-insurance coverage; and a sense of the Senate amendment (S Arndt. 851) that "a patients' bill of rights should ... make medical savings accounts available to more Americans."

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