; You've bought the company-now what?
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You've bought the company-now what?


With all that is going on in today's market in terms of deal-making, many companies and individuals are buying businesses. Investment bankers, attorneys, and accountants are usually involved throughout the process, but their work normally ends at closing. The reality is, however, that in terms of work, the buyer is only just getting started. The potential for problems is staggering. Businesses that have a change in ownership can expect to lose 5% to 10% of sales revenue in the year following the acquisition. Personnel turnover is also likely to increase. In starting off as a new owner of an existing business, customer and vendor relationships form part of the value that is being purchased. Personnel are also high priority. Without a workforce in place, a business loses much of its value. To forestall loss of assets, accounting procedures must be in place. Inventory paid for at closing needs to be verified.

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