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When planning a new addition to their building, some members of St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church may have considered it a sign from above that a fellow member has an extensive background in project management. By the end of construction, James Salapatas, a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers who resides in Trout Valley, IL, witnessed a few signs of his own. Salapatas informed the council of his expertise in project management, even submitting his resume as verification. Coincidentally, the church had begun to determine how it could add on to its sanctuary and offices to accommodate more church functions and administrative duties. With a little more time on his hands and in the latter part of his career, Salapatas was eager to take on the new leadership role. For its latest plan to build the new addition, the six-person church committee eventually chose the firm that would carry out the design-build construction, but even that resolution left Salapatas with some concern.

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