; International Terrorism Claims: A Practical Perspective
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International Terrorism Claims: A Practical Perspective


The events of Sept. 11, 2001, and the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq dramatically changed the landscape for US businesses operating abroad. As these events have unfolded and the US government and military are placed squarely at the forefront, acts of terrorist or militant violence against Americans overseas have rapidly and steadily increased. At the same time, US companies have generally increased international activities and face not only evolving security threats, but challenges from legal actions arising from terrorist or militant violence that injures US workers abroad. A recent study done in connection with a lawsuit arising from a fatal attack in the Middle East (at the facilities of a US company) presented surprising results regarding the view of potential jurors about the foreseeability of attacks in certain parts of the world. Jurors surveyed generally accepted that employees assume some of the risk of working in areas known to be terror targets.

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