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Visible signs of mold are discoloration or spotting. If you suspect a stain to be mold, try dabbing it with a drop of household bleach; if it loses its color, it may be mold. Also, a lingering musty smell tells you there is mold.Even if you don't see mold or notice a smell, wet spots, dampness or evidence of a leak should tell you that mold either already exists or is on its way. Most people's gut reaction when they suspect they may have a mold problem is that they want the house tested for mold. Test results will not help, so save your money and use it to either clean up the problem or have a professional do it for you.If you do clean up the mold yourself, using bleach is not recommended. Although a tiny amount of bleach can be used to test for mold, it will not cure the mold problem and breathing its fumes can be harmful to those living in your home and to the environment.

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