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Competitions, Recitals and Auditions-Oh My!


Most of us have witnessed one or all of the following: * A student in tears after reading the adjudicator's comments following a competition performance * A student being publicly criticized by his teacher for a sub-par performance * A student being berated by her parents for not winning * A student upset and inconsolable following a performance he felt was not his best In many cases, the teacher can help prevent these traumatic situations if students (and parents) are adequately and properly prepared. Performing in public offers the chance to: * Learn more about yourself. * Discover how you respond under pressure. * Gain a performance perspective about the repertoire. * Approach the post-performance practice session armed with information about exactly what needs more work. * Learn to refine and polish a composition, elevating the performance to the next level. * Learn to handle different instruments (for pianists) and make music in various acoustical environments. * Experience the heightened sensations and emotions that occur when you forge a relationship with the audience. * Learn how special it is to share music with others.

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