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Mission NOT Impossible: Reduce Turnover And Absenteesim While Improving KPIs


Employee turnover continues to plague the call center industry. Some centers report annual attrition rates as high as 500%, and turnover percentages of 200% per year are common. At these levels, the costs and effort of recruiting, staffing and training are enormous. Acceptance of the situation is perhaps the single biggest barrier to improving the problem. Correct and specific measurement of the turnover issue is the first step in the journey to significantly lower employee turnover rates. While this measurement has some meaning, is a blunt metric and not readily adapted to one of the most effective management tools: accountability! Study after study has reported that at the lower organizational levels, people stay because of positive relationships with their coworkers and supervisors. Clearly, the awareness, measurement and online recognition program had a positive effect on the reduction of employee turnover. Additional surveys revealed that job satisfaction levels increased, as well.

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