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Women walking together in faith - PDF - PDF


I call this formation, "growing into our roots." We take one hand and reach back into our biblical roots, holding hands with Miriam and Milcah, our grandmothers and mothers, for the models, wisdom, nourishment and strength we need to trust the steadfast love of God. And with the other hand, we reach forward, towards the race that is set before us, as we engage and grow with others into God's ongoing story of justice, peace and reconciliation.Once upon a time" is a phrase that has everyone perking up their ears and leaning towards the person who uttered those words. So I began to ask how I, as pastor, might deepen my own understanding of what makes a good story and, through that, better determine which biblical stories might be most helpful in "shaping and forming" my congregation in particular situations. Eventually, I concluded that we begin by experiencing stories, and these experiences change our spiritual patterns, thereby forming and shaping us.

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