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Will U.S. SSFs rise to the surface?


Around the world, more and more market participants are diving into single stock futures (SSFs). In the US, however, SSFs are merely treading water, and experts say their current convoluted regulatory structure is to blame. However, a new competitive threat from Eurex could add urgency to cleaning up the regulatory clutter in the US and answer the question of whether SSFs in the US will sink or swim. OneChicago reported that 369,492 security futures contracts traded at the exchange in November, while year-to-date volume stood at 7,724,891, a 13% increase from the same period in 2006. However, the stalled growth of the asset class is frustrating the US SSF market's major players. Eurex's upcoming listing of SSFs on major US equities in US dollars will be a major competitive threat to OneChicago.

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