Musharraf's False Dichotomy by ProQuest


[Pervez Musharraf] seems to be singing from the songbook of the French King Louis XV, who is believed to have said, Apres moi, le diluge, which means, "After me, the deluge." The ex-general has successfully sold a false dichotomy to the American public, that Pakistan is a special case in which one has to choose between his dictatorship or that of the jihadis. Framed this way, he emerges as an "enlightened moderate" or as the lesser evil. The Dec. 27 assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and the rioting that followed accentuated this viewpoint.Jinnah was one of the top-ranking lawyers in British India and envisioned Pakistan as a secular and democratic state. After his death, his political party, the Pakistan Muslim League, carried out his views. Today this party has split into two factions: one allied with Musharraf, the other with former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Both are secular, as is the People's Party, founded by Bhutto's father in 1967.Musharraf has not budged an iota. He contends that Pakistan's Supreme Court justices were endangering the return to democracy by indulging in "judicial activism." This is quite a gratuitous assertion by a man who in October 1999 came to power through "military activism" and who rules through an order that prostitutes the constitution by protecting him from any future prosecution.

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