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The turn of the krewe


By the time they gathered in November after Mayor Ray Nagin and the City Council agreed to proceed with Mardi Gras the following winter, they were faced with a flooded den. [...] it could be argued that no other krewe was better positioned to capture the mood of the first postKatrina Mardi Gras than Le Krewe d'Etat, which burst onto the scene in 1998 with its first full parade and recaptured the imagination of crowds with its brilliant blend of irreverence and tradition. No, with this krewe it's not a board of directors but the "Junta"; there's not a king but the "Dictator"; not a president but a "Kingfish"; not a vice president but a "Yes Man"; no secretary but the "Scribe"; the treasurer is the "Keeper of the Bones"; and we've already acknowledged the historian as the "Minister of Disinformation."

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