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A parade of one's own


There's Mondo Kayo, something like a Tiki bar, a botanical garden and a soca band all rolled into one and marching to a booming soundtrack of Caribbean music; the Northside Skull and Bones Gang, which delivers an early morning wake-up call in the Trem (see sidebar); Julu, a marching club with a klezmer beat that trails Zulu from Uptown to the French Quarter; Box of Wine, which pays homage to the Roman god of wine along the parade route for the supersized Krewe of Bacchus; and the Krewe of Joyful Noize, which parades Lundi Gras night with an array of self-styled instruments, including tubas made from drainpipes, saxophones melded with bullhorns and guitar-pedal-accordion contraptions. The Lyons are one of a number of neighborhood-based marching clubs that traditionally visit nursing home residents, hospital patients and shutins, bringing them a bit of Mardi Gras merriment before the groups head downtown for the big celebration, says longtime member Roch Peterson.

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