INTEL'S AmaZON Ambitions by ProQuest


Parintins, Brazil, is on the outskirts of nowhere. So in 2006, when Intel wirelessly connected the Amazon city to the rest of the online world, chairman Craig Barrett promised that the venture would bring the expertise of specialists, sophisticated medical imaging, and the world's libraries to a community reachable only by airplane or boat. The city's digital makeover was widely reported, publicizing Intel's billion-dollar, five-year World Ahead Program. The message: Intel is doing good, improving the health and education of the poor around the globe. The World Ahead Program is very much about building Intel's future markets. Today, more than half of Intel's revenues come from the less-developed countries in Asia and the Americas, up from less than a fifth a decade ago. The market for computers in Brazilian schools could reach 50 million machines, and Intel isn't about to concede it, even to such a noble endeavor as the One Laptop Per Child Foundation.

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