; BNY Mortgage relaunches as EverBank Reverse Mortgage
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BNY Mortgage relaunches as EverBank Reverse Mortgage


As a final step in aligning with its parent company, Jacksonville, FL-based EverBank, Bloomfield, NJ-based BNY Mortgage Co LLC announced it has officially changed its name to EverBank Reverse Mortgage LLC. Since EverBank's purchase of New York-based Bank of New York's interest in BNY Mortgage in March 2007, EverBank has focused exclusively on expanding its reverse-mortgage business nationwide. EverBank Reverse Mortgage has also moved its national headquarters from West Paterson, NJ to a state-of-the-art EverBank facility in Bloomfield, NJ, that can accommodate the anticipated growth of EverBank Reverse Mortgage as well as house the company's sales and call center.

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