If Everything Is Miscellaneous by ProQuest


In his book Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder, David Weinberger argues that there are three orders of order. First Order is no organization at all. Second Order is the structure they bring to objects or information in a spatial world. Third Order exists in the digital environment. At the heart of Weinberger's argument is his view that the hierarchical organization of information relates to a tactile world in which every object must have its place and nothing can be in two places at once. The digital world of webpages, blogs, wikis, tags, and folksonomies is chaotic and ever-changing. While Second Order organizational principles have long been their benchmark, Weinberger argues that the digital world cannot accommodate Second Order systems. This leads to a related problem. When they train people how to do research, they operate on the premise that it is important to consider competing voices on an issue.

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