Foggy Bloggom by ProQuest


Here, for example, is the popular left-of-center blogger known as Atrios complaining that: [Presidential] candidates are judged by the rather arbitrary rules of the "foreign policy community" which demand they engage in these absurd rhetorical dances so they can fit themselves into the Grand Foreign Policy Community Consensus. Rather, it is a highly ideological and politicized establishment, and its dominant bipartisan ideology is defined by extreme hawkishness, the casual use of military force as a foreign policy tool, the belief that war is justified not only in self-defense but for any "good result," and most of all, the view that the U.S. is inherently good and therefore ought to rule the world through superior military force.3 Such criticisms-so personal, so rude and so imperfectly grammatical-elicit only countervailing scorn from their targets.

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