; the TAO of dress TRASHING
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the TAO of dress TRASHING


Photo/video outfit Still-Motion principals Amina Wojcik and Patrick Moreau had just returned home to Toronto from a week-long assignment in the Dominican Republic. As they modestly described their respective crafts -- Wojcik's photography represents the "Still" of Still-Motion, and Moreau's videography provides the "Motion" -- it became clear that the pair more than just balance or complement one another. Their synergy defines Still-Motion -- that, and the way they approach their work: as an ever-evolving process. Joining a growing number of vanguard videographers, they have embraced the "Trash the Dress" (TTD) phenomenon, the brainchild of photographer John Michael Cooper from Las Vegas-based AltF. Like TTD, and the "anti-bridal" concept out of which TTD grew, Still-Motion is turning the conventional notion of what makes a meaningful document of the wedding experience on its head. They attribute much of their success to their youth. Though the two believe that Still-Motion remains a destination in and of itself, other opportunities are emerging.

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