; Looking for Solutions to Challenging Exposures
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Looking for Solutions to Challenging Exposures


The sheer complexity of today's exposures, the range of specialization available through niche providers, increased competition, and provider expansion and consolidation, have all combined to make selecting an excess and surplus lines (E&S) carrier more important than ever. Unfortunately, these same factors make it all that more complicated as well. The increased effort is necessary and rewarding, however, as choosing a strong E&S carrier can provide various benefits. Good E&S carriers are willing to look at new ideas and employ creativity in evaluating risks based on each individual and unique case, and on risks where there is the data to support providing coverage. The experience of the industry over the past decade highlights one simple truth: knowledge of key issues and relevant happenings within the insurance industry and any niche industries they serve is critical. Experienced E&S carriers secure this information by accessing industry Web sites, constantly reviewing a wide range of credible information sources, and conducting daily legislative analysis.

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