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the master piece


As businesses strive to become more nimble and customer-centric, the endless parade of enterprise applications they've deployed have become a series of silos -- and silos are precisely what master data management (MDM), at its best, does away with, revealing scads of actionable insight hiding within. The information a data warehouse collects could be good or bad, depending upon the surrounding environment, and lacks the data-standardization, -cleansing, and -reconciliation capabilities inherent to an MDM hub. Any pitches for MDM should play up the business benefits that come with the added functionality. This article offers the best tips and pieces of advice that industry pundits have to offer in terms of implementing an MDM solution: 1. Keep things focused. 2. Differentiate between governance and management. 3. Ensure data quality. 4. Clarify the company's MDM architecture. 5. Have a firm grasp on services-oriented architecture. 6. Find a solid service provider.

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