KM PAST AND FUTURE: Web 2.0 kicks it up a notch by ProQuest


The primary technologies that support knowledge management (KM) are well understood and widely used, but have been limited in the past by lack of flexibility. Incorporation of social networking capabilities derived from Web 2.0, however, is now enhancing those foundational solutions and adding greater interactivity into the KM environment. A good example is provided by blogs and wikis. Often installed as rogue software initially, they were inexpensive, easy to deploy and allowed users to contribute content easily. Meanwhile, search solutions are blending traditional approaches with Web 2.0 functionality. Velocity 6.0, released in October by Vivisimo, provides a number of enhancements that foster user participation. For example, it allows users to vote on whether a search result was useful. Insight is an operational BI product from Altosoft that uses an AJAX-based Web 2.0 interface for dashboard visualization. Users personalize presentation of key performance indicators using a codeless, browser-based, drag-and-drop interface.

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