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2008 predictions for electronic control


In spite of experiencing a stronger economy in the last few years, there seems to be a wave of pessimism sweeping industry that will probably affect capital investments around the US. It means that another round of tightening of the purse strings will occur. Perhaps for those in the manufacturing sector, one of the most surprising things is the increased push toward globalization, even with the continued availability of inexpensive assembly workers. With the availability of cheap overseas manufacturing services, most US product manufacturers don't quibble about moving out of the country either east or south. This puts pressure on the automation marketplace to provide smarter, faster, and more cost-effective electronic controls. This year, instead of talking about specific products, this article talks about some product types and possible trends for the near future. These product types are: 1. PLCs 2. displays, 3. embedded control, and 4. drives and motors.

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