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Unified Shear Strength Model for Reinforced Concrete Beams-Part I: Development. Paper by Kyoung-Kyu Choi, Hong-Gun Park, and James K. Wight/AUTHORS' CLOSURE by ProQuest


Discussion by Himat Solanki ACI member, Professional Engineer, Building Dept., Sarasota County Government, Sarasota, FL The authors have presented an interesting concept on the unified shear strength model of reinforced concrete beams. Tominaga, M., "Ultimate Strength Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Simple Beams Failing in Shear Compression," Summaries of Technical Papers, Annual Meeting of Architectural Institute of Japan, Transaction of the Architectural Institute of Japan, No. 89, Sept. 1963, 153 pp. (in Japanese) AUTHORS' CLOSURE The authors thank the discusser for providing an opportunity to clarify the concept of the proposed model further.

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