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Paint the Wind-Horses, Survival, Family, and Coming-of-Age by ProQuest


In deep grief for her son's death and seeking to blame someone, the grandmother has purged any reference of Maya's mother from Maya's life and has destroyed any evidence of her son's (Maya's father's) paintings, mostly of horses. Getting Involved After reading Paint the Wind and discovering some of the author's thoughts about protecting wild horses, have students research more information about the plight of wild horses in the west and then form two teams to debate what action should be taken. Pam Muoz Ryan-Riding Freedom In addition to her award winning Esperanza Rising, Pam Muoz Ryan has also authored Riding Freedom, the fictionalized biography of Charlotte Parkhurst, an orphan whose love of horses helped encourage her to flee an oppressive existence in an orphanage, masquerade as a male ("Charley"), and become one of the most sought after stagecoach drivers in the California gold fields.

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